< bunu> there was a porno filmed on campus?
< Dark-Side> yes
< Dark-Side> in parkwood mostly
< bunu> when was this
< Dark-Side> Awhile ago
* bunu did not know this
< Ritsuka> bunu: i'm sure you can be in the sequel
< Ritsuka> (holy crud, i so nearly wrote SQL)
< bunu> lol
< zenith> Ritsuka++
< Ritsuka> database porn
< bunu> Ritsuka: an aquired taste
< Ritsuka> bunu: unenforced foreign keys, the ultimate taboo
< bunu> i here the sub genre of austrian mideget database porn is making a comeback
< Ritsuka> bunu: how are they selected for the role?
< bunu> SELECT * FROM …
< Vroomfondel> grant role ...
< zenith> s/r/i/ ; s/e/l/
< Marvin> giant role ...
< Dark-Side> thats what she said
< Ritsuka> select * from PornStars where midget = 1 and austrian = 1;
< bunu> Ritsuka: could be a large cast
< Penguin> limit = 5;
< bunu> Penguin: well that scuppers the final scene then
< Penguin> gonna have a scene based on snow white and the seven dwarfs?
< bunu> Penguin: how did you guess
* bunu forces Penguin to sign a gag order
< Ritsuka> not THAT kind of gag order
< bunu> Ritsuka: shit did i confuse the two
< bunu> which one was Penguin meant to get
< Ritsuka> well, the paper one is over there
< bunu> i knew something wasnt quite right
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