< Vroomfondel> as root: service sshd disable
< Vroomfondel> er
< Vroomfondel> also wrong chan
< zenith> :o
< Joe> sudo systemctl stop Vroomfondel
< Ritsuka> Joe: Vroomfondel is too old-skool to use systemctl
< Ritsuka> booting him probably requires POKEing memory addresses by hand
< zenith> how do you even do that?
< Vroomfondel> you have to twist both my nipples to flood the chamber and then pull my starting handle
< Ritsuka> where is your starting... oh
< zenith> what grade of fuel?
< Ritsuka> 69
< zenith> is that vintage?
< bunu> graymalkin: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-32009961
< Gwyn> Title: London protesters 'chase UKIP leader Farage out of pub' - BBC News
< bunu> Ritsuka: unfortunatly Vroomfondel's starting handle is out of comission at the moment, apparantly something to do with structural integrity
< Vroomfondel> it got over-used
< bunu> it cannot even hold itself up these days
< bunu> Vroomfondel: ;)
< Vroomfondel> 'm not *that* old yet
< bunu> Vroomfondel: there is no need to hide the truth here
< Vroomfondel> if I admit to age-related diseases I just make xand and Tim look bad because they're much older
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