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< twigathy> So, how long until President Covfefe credits himself with the stock market raises today?
< Gargravarr> i'm surprised he hasn't already
< Gargravarr> beautiful irony that the market probably rose directly in response to Biden. him taking credit would be superb
< abablabab> the market is fickel, it went up after it went down when trump got elected. any change is good as far as they're concerned
< abablabab> does it look like it can perpetually show growth? sure why not
< Gargravarr> capitalism requires it
< abablabab> right, so...
< abablabab> it follows it doesn't actually matter who's in the whitehouse
< abablabab> the stonks will go up... cos they have to
< abablabab> world collapses (on paper) when they don't
< abablabab> ... this is fine
< Gargravarr> until the world ultimately collapses anyway because capitalism has stripped the planet dry
< Gargravarr> https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/08/investing/global-stocks/index.html <-- this might have more to do with it
< Exobot> Title: Global stocks are soaring on hopes of a coronavirus vaccine - CNN
< abablabab> 'hopes of'
< abablabab> "they'll cure it eventually, why not today" said a spokesman between lines of coke
< abablabab> yeah nice that dudes random call made me £800 today
< twigathy> wat
< abablabab> that's my portfolio daily change lol
< twigathy> stonky
< abablabab> yeah i'm okay with that, i'd cash out but it's only gonna get better cos EnDlEsS gRoWtH
< twigathy> RIP
< abablabab> (to: the sound of silence) hello this is 1%, we would like you to save pret
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