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11:13:42 < Gargravarr> >API returns HTTP 400 trying to request an OAuth token despite a week of trying different things >contact support >"the user wasn't permissioned on your account, we'll set that up"
11:13:53 * Gargravarr wonders if they're aware of HTTP 403
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11:35:53 < Andee> (I assume that everyone except Eek here is Hetero)
11:38:42 <@Dark-Side> A bold assumption
11:38:52 <@Dark-Side> I wonder what Exobot identifies as
11:39:19 < Andee> AH-64 apache attack helicopter
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15:13 < Vroomfondel> I once smashed a live wasp straight into my earhole.
15:13 < Vroomfondel> I was six
15:13 < bunu> did that go well for you?
15:13 < Vroomfondel> There were so many tears.
15:13 < Gargravarr> bunu: it made him the man he is today
15:14 < bunu> it made him so bitter and twisted he could love SDS?
15:14 < bunu> that sort of man?
15:15 < graymalkin> lol
15:15 < graymalkin> bunu++
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20:06 < bunu> I think amazon have bought to many Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion
20:06 < bunu> because apparantly its perfect for a "gift for her" on valentines day
20:06 < bunu> and for data night
20:07 < bunu> s/data/date/
20:21 < Vroomfondel> well, it might be
20:21 < Vroomfondel> depends what she likes
20:25 < bunu> and its use on date night is?
20:26 < Vroomfondel> putting up shelves.
20:31 < bunu> an insight into Vroomfondel's date night
20:39 < Vroomfondel> Vroomfondel doesn't have date nights. Vroomfondels are a lonesome species.
20:40 < Vroomfondel> probably because Vroomfondels think putting up shelves might be romantic
20:42 < bunu> i guess this can be considered progress
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< zenith> do you know what really grinds my gears?
< zenith> cogs
* Gargravarr shifts into third gear and drives away from zenith
* catboy enters warp speed 10 and turns into a lizard
* penguin spools up the improbability drive
* penguin turns into a plate of eggs benedict
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<@xand> I stroke myself after shaving to find bits I missed
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11:24 <Marvin31> it's pretty obvious when the dicks don't fit
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By dealing together, the two of you can address problems of self-esteem and mutual trust. However, it is important to have the doctor's opinion first prior to taking these oral medications as these may have bad side effects about the body.
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