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<Shish> I think I just shat cthulhu
<Shish> Tentacles and everything
<Shish> What did I eat? :S
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You have sex in it, and fight dragons!

    -- Shish describes "dungeon" for pictionary
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<Ghask> If you find a girl with raptor shaped boobs, she's a keeper
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<Shish> Pondering ways to keep my laptop from overheating while watching videos; I have a vision of Captain Kirk ordering his men to set their phasers to "chill", then they shoot some aliens, and then they all get together for a beach party...
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(Walking out of "Working!!", a comedy that's all about finding interesting ways to bruise people's egos...)
* Jenn starts playing with Shish's beard and giggling
<Fuzzy> I thought you hated hairy men?
<Jenn> Yeah I do. But Shish isn't a ma...
<Shish> ...
<Jenn> OH!
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Discussing manliness:
Shish: I got out of the shower this morning, saw myself in the mirror
Shish: I thought, "damn, when did I get such manly muscles?"
Shish: Then I looked closer, and they were my ribs :(
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The desire to evade sunburn reached new heights

Locke: He'd still outside that door and I'm sitting in a flowerbed x_x
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(A discussion of where to store the arcade cabinet)
Lucy: Melissa's room should be large enough
Allan: What if I had an urge to play Street Fighter?
Allan: I'd be in her room all night screaming "Take it, bitch!"
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Allan: and there and zombies with bazukas

Lucy: wait, how realistic is this zombie game?
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In a game of twilight Imperium, Allan turns to Rannos

Allan: you fuck becky, I'll fuck Lucy, Yeah?

Lucy and Becky: WTF?
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