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<hms> I have builders downstairs and they're drilling so hard my room is shaking
<Hoshii> eugh headaches ahoy
<choctastic> they'll break through the heavens and dimensions!
<hms> I hopethey break through my toilet instead
<hms> I'll leave them a present
#558 Posted under #kentanimeted on 2014-05-27 13:51

* shadebug does a wheezy sort of laugh and smiles a lot
* hms assumes he has asthma
<shadebug> you have asthma?
<shadebug> and a penis?
<hms> I was pointing in your direction when I wrote that
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<SkimbleOut> I agree that pedigree breeding is cruel, but domesticated animals live *much* better lives than their wild cousins.
<SkimbleOut> In virtually every conceivable way. They live longer, they aren't at risk of death every day (unless they're near a road) etc.
<shadebug> much comfier lives, certainly, but boring lives. I suppose it's the choice between homelessness and indentured servitude
<@hms> it's as boring as the owner makes it
*** Shish ponders a chicken coop with chainsaws
#184 Posted under #kentanimeted on 2013-06-12 16:23

<goodger> jojo is still the most homoerotic thing I've seen
<goodger> including 3000 hours of gay porn
#173 Posted under #kentanimeted on 2013-05-25 17:30

< goodger> hms: we found a bottle of coke that's perfect for you
< goodger> it is tiny and it says rebecca
< goodger> it was a toss-up between this and a pepsi multipack entitled "the short one"
<@hms> >_>
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<Twozzok> dlt1 gets really hot really quickly. I cannot imagine what itd be like at capacity. 
<hms> hot
<Twozzok> yes I am. 
<Twozzok> thanks for noticing
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<shadebug> instant noodles never taste anything like what they claim they'll taste like
<shadebug> luckily, they taste like instant noodle, which is delicious
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<goodger> Truered!
<goodger> happy birthday \o\
<Shish> Birthday!
<Shish> Happy Truered /o/
<hms> Happy!
<hms> Truered birthday \o/
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<@hms> i need to know my height and head size
<goodger> I don't have a tape measure handy
<goodger> or else I could measure my nipple height :/
<@hms> >_>
<goodger> what, that'd work
<@hms> shut up
<goodger> it wooould
<@hms> you are not funny goodger
<goodger> I'm trying to be helpful :<
#123 Posted under #kentanimeted on 2012-05-16 14:07

<shadebug> looks like I'm getting german spam now
<hms> spamschen
#122 Posted under #kentanimeted on 2012-03-10 23:32

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