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Ed: You only like mumen rider because of dat ass

Ryan: I like Mumen Rider because he does what he believes is the right thing to do even when he is monumentally outclassed. He will still get up and face those hopeless, fatal odds because he is a true hero. 

His pert, sculpted cyclists posterior is an inconsequential bonus and the fact is so tight you could bounce a coin off it is neither here nor there.
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<Cat> Do someone want to deliver me pizza topped with chocolate?
<Shish> I can try, but... does it still count as delivery if it's in my stomach by the time it reaches you? :S
<Cat> I guess it's the thought that counts 
<Shish> Cool. Well, I'm thinking about pizza now. You're welcome <3
<Cat> Cheers <3
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<prototo> Who wants to train for an Ironman triathlon?
<Invisigirl> train?
<prototo> You're right, screw it, we're ready.
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Shish: In star trek, do they fire coffins into a nearby sun, or into space in general? If they just fire them in a random direction, then sooner or later somebody's going to die when they get hit in the face by a hypervelocity intergalactic space-corpse x____x
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