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< abablabab> so, you get hold of irrifutable proof the democrats actually rigged the election and without their interference trump would have won it by a landslide... what do you do?
< Gargravarr> take to Twitter, of course
< Gargravarr> that's where you break all the important stories
< abablabab> so you'd let him be right, become the emperor and destroy democracy forever?
< abablabab> cos you KNOW he'd never allow another election...
< Gargravarr> not in the slightest
< abablabab> but you just said...
< Gargravarr> i said Twitter
< Gargravarr> where actual news would be lost in the noise
< Gargravarr> and only people who are genuine morons would believe it
< abablabab> that's a technicality 
< abablabab> you can't escape a thought exercise dilemma on a technicality
< Gargravarr> bet you i can
< abablabab> although 'post it to 8chan as qanon' would be a hillarious use of it
< abablabab> can you even fucking imagine 
< Gargravarr> indeed. that was the vein i was going for
< Gargravarr> throw it in with all the other conspiracy shit and watch it get completely glossed over
< abablabab> well the point is it's proof, it's evidential
< Gargravarr> the last 4 years have proved that evidence doesn't matter
< abablabab> like whatever it is, anyone upon examination of it is going to determine the election was rigged 
< Gargravarr> it's completely beside the point
< abablabab> LOL
< abablabab> orange man... good? 
< abablabab> lol
< Gargravarr> you don't need to provide evidence to assert something, and in fact the presence of evidence that completely disproves what you're saying is irrelevant
< Gargravarr> #postTruth
< abablabab> so what you're saying is
< abablabab> if you had proof
< abablabab> it wouldn't matter 
< Gargravarr> essentially
< abablabab> cos it's actually irrelevent if you have proof or not, everyone who's gonna beleive it already does, and everyone else already doesn't
< abablabab> fuck, that's miserable
< Gargravarr> welcome to the modern era abablabab 
< abablabab> i thought i had a fun thought exercise joke
 * Gargravarr bows
< Gargravarr> you're welcome
< abablabab> and you've reminded me this planet is doomed
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