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<Meltopian> locke: http://kotaku.com/5821058/all-mass-effect-comics-are-free-until-tomorrow-afternoon
<Meltopian> the relevant part is that the comments are filled with mass effect puns
<Hypermicrospace> he needs to bioware of its existence
<Meltopian> he needs to keep a tali of how many puns are made
<Hypermicrospace> T'soni going to make him jelly
<Meltopian> we don't want him to Grunt with disdain
<Shish> I like how so many puns have been Sheparded into one place
<Meltopian> I know, our puns are Legion
<Hypermicrospace> how will we reaper the damage we've done to this channel
<Locke> you'll have to wrexle with your conscience
<Hypermicrospace> I have no sol
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