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<Daedra> I'm fucking sick and tired of tree surveys
<Daedra> Like seriously done with them
<Locke> leaf them alone then
<Daedra> Usually I'd be happy with a good pun... but that wasn't even a good pun
<Daedra> You're barking up the wrong tree ;)
<Locke> I'm branching out
<Locke> havn't you twigged yet?
<Locke> don't be such a stick in the mud
<Daedra> Still not really taking a lichen to your puns ;)
<Daedra> Can't really cedar point of continuing this run of pun...
<Locke> are you sick'o'more?
<Daedra> To be honest I wooden have expected. I'm knot usually all Fir this many but it seems that we're both rooting for bigger and better puns, a Larch portion of Wytch I expect are found onLime
<Fuzzy> ....
<Fuzzy> bravo
<Daedra> Though I probably Walnut Post any more after these last ones as it's not really a Poplar subject on here ;)
<Locke> yew are braken my heart with your cheating ways, I oaked you wouldn't need the internet to loam you puns like a sap
<zehi> i thought you were a budding surveyor
<Daedra> I Fig-ured I'd be happy with it but at the end of the day I find myself Face-Palming at my survey partner. He's a bloody jOak
<Daedra> Saying that though I wouldn't mind being outside. It's a gorgeous day and I can see myself Crack-ing more of these puns down the Beech whilst sipping on a Crabapple Cider with my good friend Douglas ;)
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