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< Vroomfondel> as root: service sshd disable
< Vroomfondel> er
< Vroomfondel> also wrong chan
< zenith> :o
< Joe> sudo systemctl stop Vroomfondel 
< Ritsuka> Joe: Vroomfondel is too old-skool to use systemctl
< Ritsuka> booting him probably requires POKEing memory addresses by hand
< zenith> how do you even do that?
< Vroomfondel> you have to twist both my nipples to flood the chamber and then pull my starting handle
< Ritsuka> where is your starting... oh
< zenith> what grade of fuel?
< Ritsuka> 69
< zenith> is that vintage?
< bunu> graymalkin: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-32009961
< Gwyn> Title: London protesters 'chase UKIP leader Farage out of pub' - BBC News
< bunu> Ritsuka: unfortunatly Vroomfondel's starting handle is out of comission at the moment, apparantly something to do with structural integrity
< Vroomfondel> it got over-used
< bunu> it cannot even hold itself up these days
< bunu> Vroomfondel: ;)
< Vroomfondel> 'm not *that* old yet
< bunu> Vroomfondel: there is no need to hide the truth here
< Vroomfondel> if I admit to age-related diseases I just make xand and Tim look bad because they're much older
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< Joe> http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-31871532
< Gwyn> Title: Illegal immigrants smuggled out of UK and back again - BBC News
< Joe> pfft what
< zenith> is that to avoid being deported?
< Joe> yes
< zenith> haha, if deported the government pays for the transport doesn't it?
< Joe> I wouldn't know
< zenith> i guess they are saving the tax payer money by doing that
< Ritsuka> the government really needs to employ Elbonian Air to send illegal immigrants home
< Joe> ryanair would suffice
< Ritsuka> Joe: that's going too far
< zenith> lol
< bunu> nobody should have to suffer ryanair
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< bunu>  there was a porno filmed on campus?
< Dark-Side> yes
< Dark-Side> in parkwood mostly
< bunu> when was this
< Dark-Side> Awhile ago
* bunu did not know this
< Ritsuka> bunu: i'm sure you can be in the sequel
< Ritsuka> (holy crud, i so nearly wrote SQL)
< bunu> lol
< zenith> Ritsuka++
< Ritsuka> database porn
< bunu> Ritsuka: an aquired taste
< Ritsuka> bunu: unenforced foreign keys, the ultimate taboo
< bunu> i here the sub genre of austrian mideget database porn is making a comeback
< Ritsuka> bunu: how are they selected for the role?
< bunu> SELECT * FROM …
< Vroomfondel> grant role ...
< zenith> s/r/i/ ; s/e/l/
< Marvin> giant role ...
< Dark-Side> thats what she said
< Ritsuka> select * from PornStars where midget = 1 and austrian = 1;
< bunu> Ritsuka: could be a large cast
< Penguin> limit = 5;
< bunu> Penguin: well that scuppers the final scene then
< Penguin> gonna have a scene based on snow white and the seven dwarfs?
< bunu> Penguin: how did you guess
* bunu forces Penguin to sign a gag order
< Ritsuka> not THAT kind of gag order
< bunu> Ritsuka: shit did i confuse the two
< bunu> which one was Penguin meant to get
< Ritsuka> well, the paper one is over there
< bunu> i knew something wasnt quite right
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< Penguin> Marvin: meep
< Marvin> Penguin: Pengwin| has no effect. but as I opened it in unobtanium
< bunu> Marvin: dont leave us hanging, you opened Penguin and?
< Marvin> bunu: well consider its origin...
< Ritsuka> considering Penguin's origin, i don't think we want to know what happened when he was opened
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< bunu> xand: Vroomfondel IS_people: why is the uni email getting so much spam recently for increasing mail box size?
< Ritsuka> nobody was paying attention to the increasing penis size ones?
< Ritsuka> (assuming because they realised students couldn't afford it anyway)
< bunu> Ritsuka: i missed those ones, damn
< Ritsuka> bunu: click [here] to enlarge your penis! please your missus!
< Ritsuka> all major credit cards and PayPal accepted via XSS
* bunu desperatly tries to get irssi to accept mouse inputs
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< bunu> Penguin: i completly forgot Marvin64 was piperbot
< Marvin64> From CBW --> AFK?
< bunu> Marvin64: stop talking shit
< Marvin64> bunu: is that allowed?
< ayleid> he has a good point.
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< graymalkin> !tell ntm (.+)__mnt_cl-moodle-nfs_moodle2014data_temp_turnitintooltwo_(.+)_(\d+)_(\w+)\.(.+)
< cake> graymalkin: OK, I'll give ntm your message.
< Ritsuka> s/\(.+$/graymalkin should not be allowed to regex/
< PiperBot> !tell ntm graymalkin should not be allowed to regex
< cake> PiperBot: OK, I'll give ntm your message.
< Ritsuka> hehe
< Tatskaari> Wow, you are an evil bastard
< Ritsuka> why thank you
< Tatskaari> as
< Tatskaari> s/as/!tell ntm Ritsuka should not be allowed to piperbot/
< PiperBot> !tell ntm Ritsuka should not be allowed to piperbot
< cake> PiperBot: OK, I'll give ntm your message.
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< Tatskaari> Still better custmer service than Oracle.
< Tatskaari> They require you to claw your eyes out in frustration
< bunu> Tatskaari: you know you can get round that by sending them a severed dick
< bunu> it dosent even need to be your own
< Tatskaari> bunu, where do you live?
* bunu hides
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< Ritsuka> you guys need to just fight it out for the title of #cs's Greatest Dick
< Ritsuka> interpret that as you will
< graymalkin> ayleid: you're welcome to that title.
< graymalkin> keep it, I incest.
< Ritsuka> graymalkin: leave your sister out of this
< graymalkin> agh. Freudian Slip!
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< graymalkin> Tatskaari: no, I'd rather never touch node with a 10ft barge pole :P
< Featherer> 10'3"?
< graymalkin> that would be acceptable
< graymalkin> 9'11" also. but 10'0" is preposterous.
< Featherer> How many significant figures?
< graymalkin> 2
< graymalkin> *3
< graymalkin> idk if 11 inches is 1 or 2 figures in the measurement 9'11"
< Featherer> 2
< Featherer> 1 would round to 10
< graymalkin> but the measurement system in base 12
< Featherer> The feet are modulo 12
< graymalkin> rounding 11 to 10 seems wrong, when 9 is fine on its own
< graymalkin> if I have 9'11" to 2s.f. I feel like the `11' is *single* figure
< Featherer> But if it's inches, you'll be rounding in decimal
< graymalkin> it's a non-decimal part of that number, why would I round in decimal
< graymalkin> it's like saying 0x1A rounds to 0x1
< graymalkin> * 0x2
< graymalkin> +0
< graymalkin> >.<
< Featherer> You're using the decimal numbering system
< graymalkin> I'm not, I'm denoting base with the '" notation
< graymalkin> I can't make inches *not* base 12, by writing them in arabic numerals
< graymalkin> that's just wrong
< Featherer> 100 feet is 100 feet in decimal
< graymalkin> 11 inches == 11 inches to 1s.f.
< graymalkin> yeah, that's fine
< graymalkin> but the inches aren't in decimal
< Ritsuka> THIS is why the metric system was invented
#570 Posted under #cs kent on 2014-12-19 11:07

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