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<Locke> my dad is fighting an epic battle with the door
<Hypermicrospace> he can't handle it
<Locke> everything hinges on this
<Hypermicrospace> don't be a knob
<Locke> there must be a key to this problem
<Hypermicrospace> well it's certainly not you, lock
<Locke> I'm not even in the frame
<sunburn> now your just leaving yourself open.
<Hypermicrospace> I see you've latched on
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<Daedra> I'm fucking sick and tired of tree surveys
<Daedra> Like seriously done with them
<Locke> leaf them alone then
<Daedra> Usually I'd be happy with a good pun... but that wasn't even a good pun
<Daedra> You're barking up the wrong tree ;)
<Locke> I'm branching out
<Locke> havn't you twigged yet?
<Locke> don't be such a stick in the mud
<Daedra> Still not really taking a lichen to your puns ;)
<Daedra> Can't really cedar point of continuing this run of pun...
<Locke> are you sick'o'more?
<Daedra> To be honest I wooden have expected. I'm knot usually all Fir this many but it seems that we're both rooting for bigger and better puns, a Larch portion of Wytch I expect are found onLime
<Fuzzy> ....
<Fuzzy> bravo
<Daedra> Though I probably Walnut Post any more after these last ones as it's not really a Poplar subject on here ;)
<Locke> yew are braken my heart with your cheating ways, I oaked you wouldn't need the internet to loam you puns like a sap
<zehi> i thought you were a budding surveyor
<Daedra> I Fig-ured I'd be happy with it but at the end of the day I find myself Face-Palming at my survey partner. He's a bloody jOak
<Daedra> Saying that though I wouldn't mind being outside. It's a gorgeous day and I can see myself Crack-ing more of these puns down the Beech whilst sipping on a Crabapple Cider with my good friend Douglas ;)
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<Meltopian> locke: http://kotaku.com/5821058/all-mass-effect-comics-are-free-until-tomorrow-afternoon
<Meltopian> the relevant part is that the comments are filled with mass effect puns
<Hypermicrospace> he needs to bioware of its existence
<Meltopian> he needs to keep a tali of how many puns are made
<Hypermicrospace> T'soni going to make him jelly
<Meltopian> we don't want him to Grunt with disdain
<Shish> I like how so many puns have been Sheparded into one place
<Meltopian> I know, our puns are Legion
<Hypermicrospace> how will we reaper the damage we've done to this channel
<Locke> you'll have to wrexle with your conscience
<Hypermicrospace> I have no sol
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<SuperMatt> in light of my ever increasing boredom, I'm going to turn the topic of conversation to more lightweight and uplifting things
<SuperMatt> hi dave, how are you?
<skel> don't do that, he'll start fanboing again :/
<SuperMatt> It's a risk I am willing to take
<skel> does php's mysql stuff do parameters yet?
<skel> i just hate the idea of "mysql_real_escape_string"
<skel> :(
<Skimble_Work> SuperMatt: So which do you favour, incandescent or energy saving bulbs?
<SuperMatt> I'm all in favour of energy saving bulbs and have no time for people who don't think they are as good. Yeah, that was the case 10 years ago, but not now.
<Skimble_Work> Here here.
<SuperMatt> still, they don't work with dimmers, but then dimmers aren't the be all and end all
<SuperMatt> you could buy some dimming uplighting lamps, or maybe even use candles for ambiance
<Skimble_Work> Not really a problem for me, since I don't have any rheostats.
<skel> my flat is all energy saving bulbs. bit ugly but no problems
<Skimble_Work> Is that enough light conversation yet? =)
<skel> hurhur
<SuperMatt> took skel long enough to get the joke
<Twigathy> I'm sure it'll brighten somebodies day *runs*
<Piglet> well, this has sure been illuminating
<Skimble_Work> Such incandescent wit!
<Piglet> truly shining conversationalists
<Twigathy> A beacon of IRC society
<SuperMatt> glowing praise for all those who participated
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